HELP WANTED: posted April 11, 2021

$10 /hr work from home on W2 is hiring production assistants to work on a wide variety of projects involving the internet, digital publishing and social media. You will report to work via our Microsoft Office 365 E3 platform enabled with data, audio, video and chat messaging to perform your assignments.

You will work on your own schedule, while providing us with an agreed minimum numbers of hours each week.

If you have a website or a social media internet presence, its a plus as we can look at it to see what you have done, but it is not required.

We are especially interested in hiring people who are just starting out on an entrepreneurial journey and can see use this contract as steady income for your new business.

Contact William Murrell, email, No Phone Calls Please

This item was posted April 11th and we are looking for someone today!