ABOUT ESD Global: ESD Global, Inc. is a small, growing Boston-based non-profit. ESD Global’s mission is to establish Empowerment Self-Defense as a key violence prevention strategy for individuals and marginalized communities to interrupt, respond to, and heal from violence. Our programs include training Empowerment Self-Defense Instructors to teach in their communities. In two years, we have trained 101 women from 55 countries. ESD Global’s staff is 100% remote with 25 individuals across five continents. Staffing includes two FTE working in organizational media and five individuals in regional offices dedicated to communications.
Vision: ESD Global envisions a world where people can live safe, violence-free lives.

Core Beliefs

• All people benefit from and deserve access to learning Empowerment Self-Defense to protect themselves and others from violence.
• Empowerment Self-Defense skills enable people of all backgrounds and abilities to live bolder, freer and healthier lives.
• Knowing how to assert clear personal boundaries enables people to be more effective and more successful in their lives and relationships.

What is ESD?

EMPOWERMENT SELF DEFENSE (ESD) is a practice designed by and for women to: a) avoid danger & de-escalate conflict; b) increase self-efficacy in problem-solving; c) build physical self-defense skills and e) address violence that is most likely to occur in individual settings (e.g., school, domestic, workplace). ESD was founded as an adaptation of martial arts where individuals gain the knowledge and skills to physically respond to aggression as needed. ESD includes a range of non-physical tactics. Practitioners also understand how to de-escalate conflict around them, when in a domestic, intra-personal, or public setting
ESD is built upon: understanding history, psychology, patterns, and underlying causes of violence; building confidence of personal strength and intelligence. Participants working in cohorts to support and protect each other – physically, economically, & socially, building community and advocating to address violence community-wide.
Outcomes from ESD include: 46% increased likelihood to finish school which means increase literacy, better access to the job market and increased economic power which translates to improved living conditions including reduced violence and access to resources. Those who have completed ESD training also experience improved self confidence which leads to delayed pregnancy and parenthood which leads to healthy newborns and parents. ESD achieves a 50% less likelihood of rape, victimization, attack, depression, drug or alcohol abuse.

Role Summary: The consultant will support key communications staff in developing a unified media strategy and infrastructure across its global programs. One that leverages the organization while ensuring that regions have culturally relevant materials. This will include developing templates, writing and producing media posts, expanding ESDG’s role on social media. The consultant will inspire ESDG to increase creativity and look of communications. At the end of the consultancy, ESDG wants: • Staff to be confident in creating and executing campaigns. • Staff able to write creative and appropriate messages tailored to platforms ranging including twitter, instagram, Linkedin, web, blogs, etc • Have a methodology and strategy to identify and engage new audiences and potential partners. • ESDG as an organization has a branding and communications strategy and operations to increase its recognition across audiences. • ESDG has templates and processes to design and execute campaigns.

Please read the job description for more details.

Application process: Please send a 3-5 page response with proposed activities and costs along with bios, resumes, etc of your team by June 1, 2021 to Questions: Call Molly Singer, Executive Director at (202) 258 0760 or email