is operating a dedicated job listing service to enable minority candidates to apply to job openings and learn about the companies who is offering full time and part time positions with benefits and competitive hiring packages.

The site features job openings for workers, college graduate, professionals, seasoned executives, intern, non profits, government positions and more. You will have a selection of jobs from established companies who have diverse hiring practices. advertises and distributes job openings for a fee for recruiters. We will display your jobs with the full job description files, salaries offered if you mention it and other important information about the positions.

Each advertiser at will receive a section for showcasing your company’s mission statement, hiring practices, business achievements and more. Each job listing will show the full job description, the candidates educational or experience requirement provided by the hiring firm, and the hiring contact person and instructions for applicants about how to apply and win interviews for the positions.

We encourage job seekers to put your contact info into our ALERT system so that you will receive a notice as soon as a new job becomes available.